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Samuel People’s Best Business Practices

Whenever possible, we select executive coaches who have broad-based business experience in industry, government, military, political or nongovernmental organizations;

1. For ‘C’- Suite client engagements, our coaches have deep executive experiences, domestically and internationally;

2. We select executive coaches who possess a broad spectrum of skills, tools and organizational planning methods;

3. We employ a rigorous, goal-centred, integrated coaching process to each client engagement.

Executive Professional Development Works  

In our experience, executive coaching is a very powerful tool that can accelerate the development of high-potential talent; help a capable executive overcome derailing behaviours, and it can provide invaluable guidance to those at career inflection points such as first-time leaders like CEOs, government executives, military staff officers and functional political leaders.   Under the right circumstances, given a leader who is ready, willing and able to change; a coach with the requisite experience, skills and organizational methodologies; and a properly structured engagement plan, the client-executive's overall aptitude is highly likely to improve. Over time, allowing the executive to advance to even greater leadership, organizational performance and self-management.  

Our Best Business Practices Mean Setting Appropriate Limits

To be sure, life's challenges can significantly affect an executive's effectiveness. Executive coaches who drift too far into marital counselling, helping a client-executive navigate a divorce, dealing with problematic children, personal health or nutrition advice, are at best failing to provide the proper support and, worse, are guilty of malpractice.  While an executive coach can achieve collateral benefits by helping the client-executive overcome many of these challenges, this is not the coach's core purpose. The success of the coaching engagement should always be determined by the improvement in the leader's effectiveness as measured by their ability to deliver business results. However, we must also caution that executive coaching is not a cure-all. A lack of basic skills, competence, or adequate management experience are not coachable challenges, nor are psychological disorders.  Our executive coach will always bring the client-executive back to their core objectives. If an issue is identified which is beyond the coach’s qualifications to address, and which is severely impacting the executive’s ability to perform, the coach’s professional obligation is to facilitate a connection with an appropriate professional.

Our Bottom-Line

Simply put, our executive coach’s role is to help client-executives be more effective so that they can deliver better results.