About Us

Samuel People serves both public and private sector executives.

Leadership Elevated.
Ducibus Elevatum

Who We Are

Samuel People is a trusted advisor to many influential leaders. We assist both organizations and individuals in developing and implementing forward-looking human resource strategies, training and professional development programs, which supports public-private sector executives.

Our services are also tailored to prepare each executive to elevate their leadership skills to navigate future challenges in their business, career or professional lives.

Samuel People, is a member of the Samuel Group of Companies.

Our Motto: Leadership Elevated. Ducibus Elevatum.

Our Values

We firmly believe that our Reputation is our business and that Confidentiality is the core to our success. Consequently, we adhere to the practice of a strong Code of Ethical Conduct, which is fully aligned, not just with Canadian law, but also with our client’s requirements for privacy, discretion and reputation protection.

We also adhere to best business practices such as anti-corruption and anti-bribery training for our team and to the laws, regulations and policies relating to working with public officials and corporate executives.

Our Culture

We are committed to creating a truly inclusive culture and an environment which respects and advances Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. We strongly encourage and welcome everyone from across all dimensions of age, race, ethnicity and the 2SLGBTQI+, differently abled and veteran communities.

Our mission is to improve Canada, one Leader at a time. We differ from other leadership training and development companies because of our culture, people and company-wide values.

While there is no one kind of Samuel People client, everyone who undergoes our Professional Development Program has something in common: a mindset, a way of achieving excellence and overcoming challenges with openness, a thirst for knowledge and a commitment to life-long learning.

It is remarkable how many smart, highly motivated, and responsible people rarely pause to contemplate their professional behaviour. Often more inclined to move on rather than reflecting deeply, executives may reach the top ranks without addressing their limitations.

Samuel People gets our executive clients to slow down, gain awareness, and notice the effects of their words and actions. That enables our clients to perceive Choices rather than react to events; ultimately, our Professional Development Program empowers them to assume responsibility for their impact on their organization and the world.